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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Projects Completed

I completely finished the first sock, although the kitchener stitch didn't work as well as I had hoped. During playoff weekend, I kicked ass on the second sock and I'm already working the heel flap! Yester-afternoon I took the time to finish crocheting Jordan's scarf (first scarf I've crocheted!) and I WILL post photos of that, because I took them! The best part of that was when I laid it out on the table to take pics of, Jor walked in and said, "That looks COOL!!!" which made me really really happy. So I gave it to him and although it's a little thin, it used up all the army yarn and looks good. Plus it's nice and long so it's not overbearing or going to smother him.

Also, after trying about 3 different patterns for Daisy's scarf, none of which worked, I'm making my own. I tried putting a diamond on end, using purl stitches and it looks okay-- not great, but okay. I decided to knit the rest in garter to get that textured feel. The yarn looks really nice with the ridges it creates.

So for now, I'm working on the second sock and Daisy's scarf. I'm going to start looking up patterns to knit up some of my stash so as to (a) save $$$ and (b) use 'em up before I go to New Zealand so I have less to pack and an excuse to buy more yarn. I also want to find some crochet patterns so I can learn to crochet things that don't involve single crochet through the back loop. But I can do that til the day is done, baby!!!

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