Previously, this was a blog mostly to harass my poor friends and family with the details of my life. Don't worry-- that will continue. However, I'm also going to use this as a terrible forum for dialogue about green tips and eco-revolutions. Hopefully it will be helpful and entertaining...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

So Close!!!

Well I'm almost done with my first sock... about half an inch more and I'll be down to the toes and the dreaded Kitchener stitch. Ah!!! Once I finish the first sock, I will be faced with a dilemma-- to start the second one immediately or to first work on a scarf for Papa Steve's lady friend, the Daze. I found a beautiful pattern which I will put up here later and yesterday I bought some pretty "homespun" red yarn. Hopefully the fuzzy softness will not mess up the holes in the design pattern thingy... I should probably go ahead with the second sock so that it gets done... Meh... We'll see. Coffee time!

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