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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Me Likey You Knitty

Well! I have done so much in such a short period of time, that GOD KNOWS I must be neglecting getting work done... First, I finished Daisy's scarf. My Dad wants me to make him a new, softer, longer scarf with no ribbing because, as he says, "Wouldn't it be cool if it didn't curl up like that?" Yes, Dad, it would, if it were not RIBBED, as you said it was okay for me to do. Oh well, another day another project. I gave Daisy her scarf the weekend before Valentine's Day. She was really flattered and said "WOW!!! It's so pretty! I've never made something that people could wear before." It made me really happy. And she was impressed with the softness.

After finishing Daisy's scarf, I felt very neglectful of Marlie's socks, and could feel Second Sock Syndrome coming on hard. So I got to it and finished up. I finally understand kitchener stitch even though I didn't do it quite right. I understand what they're going for, even though I might forget by the time I do my next socks. I'm thinking that when I go to kiwi a gogo land I will do mostly socks, as they take a small amount of yarn per time, as compared to a scarf or a blanket. Plus I can use just a few sets of needles. And socks are easy to send in the mail as well.

I'm kind of worried about the price of yarn in en zed, but I plan to check it before I go. I've heard it's really expensive there, being as it's an island, and as Sarah says, "Maybe it's because it's sheep yarn, and not synthetic, d'you know what I mean?" Yes, Sarah, wool is more expensive. GOOD ON YA! (She is not an idiot, but rather a very cute former yarncrafter. She has left the guild and it makes me cry.) Anyways, I will probably stock up on yarn and needles and run through all the patterns in my "Knit Socks!" book while in en zed...

I'm giving Plu her socks on Friday and she better wear them CAREFUL AS HELL!!!

After Plu's socks, I decided to crochet a scarf out of this beautiful ribbon yarn. The stitch was basically sc, ch1, sc, etc etc and made little loops in the scarf. It created a really beautiful, 3D kind of effect and the colors I used made it look just as mermaidy as I wanted it. Plus, although it's not soft, it keeps me warm and is nice to the touch now that I've gotten used to it.

In other scarf news, Viki made me a scarf last year and I love it even though I make fun of the fact that she did it on size 13 needles. It is adorable!!!

So, you might ask, what are you working on now? Because I know a lot of people read this blog and want to know such intimate details about my yarn life... Well, I am currently working on a fuzzy scarf. I got some of the Paton Allure yarn to knit a wheel cover out of, but I had to use size 8 needles and put simply it was HELL. So I decided to make a drop stitch scarf on it for my little sister, Nondi, who I'll hopefully be seeing in a few weeks. Once that's done, I can begin on an afghan I want to make. I'm hoping to work on it a bunch over spring break so the project doesn't stretch out forever. I also now have plans to make Kemp an alternate ribbing scarf out of some soft blue yarn I have and my Grandmother a "sophisticated" scarf (snb nation pattern) out of some grey yarn that my dad pawned off on me. So that will help me get through a bunch of my stash.

Vik and I came up with knitting names: me = Ethel; Vik = Trudy; Kate = Phyllis. Plus Vik's Dad "bought" me a YARNCRAFT box (which has been thoroughly stickerized) as well as a set of METAL (thank god) crochet hooks!

So that is all the news that is unfit to print... Someday, maybe someone will read this...

... Now that I am combining these blogs, I can't move the one comment I got: 
From Marlie:
zomg- i read it!
aren't you proud of me?
i care about mai sister.
and her knitty.
knitty, knitty, knitty.
and socks :)
they're warm.
(oh you know what else?
I just had to REGISTER
just for YOU.
Feel loved, m'dear)

Monday, February 20, 2006

The Process of Studying Abroad...

Well, my passport application is in so that is not yet a problem. And as of tomorrow my entire Study Abroad application will also be in and in the mail to en zed! Then just two to three weeks before I know whether or not Massey is going to have ME to deal with in July.

Things that I Would Like to do In New Zealand:

(to be added to)

-Try Surfing
-Go to at least one yarn shop
-Try to go to a sheep farm (for yarn)
-Visit Australia
-Go to Auckland
-Go to the awesome DIY shop in Auckland
-Not forget to blog and email
-Visit the set of LOTR and/or Narnia
-Get a tan
-Swim in the Ocean
-Go to the South Island
-Go to or start a yarncraft circle / stitch'n'bitch
-See a sheep sheared
-See yarn spun
-Take LOTS of pictures
-Go to an All Blacks match
-Go to another rugby match
-Learn to understand rugby
-Go a restaurant and order a strange mixed alcoholic beverage
-Go Bungee Jumping
-Swim with Wild Dolphins
-Visit the South Island

... any suggestions???