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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Saying Goodbye to New Zealand

I cannot believe it is here. Finals are done, I'm all packed up, and I leave in just a few short hours. My semester went fantastically and I couldn't really wish for a better time abroad. I volunteered for the last time at the Arts Recycling Center and painted this huge tiger mask/costume for the Christmas Parade that, unfortunately, occurs after I leave...

Pretty awesome for doing it free hand, I must say... I also did my last yoga class and a bunch of other 'last' things in Palmy. Leaving right now has me very melancholy, but not exactly sad. I haven't cried yet. I said goodbye to Bruce last week and Rob and Roxanne on Saturday right after my last final. I managed to run into Bri earlier today and gave her a quick hug. I helped Becca get her stuff on the bus and saw Mckenzie too... so everyone has been said-goodbye-to. The hall is deserted, just like it was when I came here. My room is empty except for my bags. It seems surreal that I'm already done. Like I'll wake up and it will be July 5th all over again...

Being as I am about to leave, I got quite sentimental in picture taking. Behold!

Baby ducks!


Me at the Massey sign!

The sign is right as you enter campus. They seem to really want people to take pictures with this sign, as shown by the back of the sign

So at 10 o'clock I take the overnight bus up to Auckland, where I'll meet Allison quite early in the morning. After some sustenance provided by Auckland's Own Dunkin' Donuts, we'll go rent our car and then drive up to the house of Allison's DARLING friend, Charlotte. There we will drop off our luggage we don't need for Australia as well as relax. Then it's back to Auckland for a good night's rest before flying to Melbourne in the morning... For those of you still in finals, here is what you can drool over:

I will be in the following cities:
Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Byron Bay, and Brisbane

I will be doing the following things:
Ghost tours, visiting the Australian Zoo, cuddling koalas, seeing the Sydney Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, learning to surf, visiting Bondi Beach, visiting various art museums, possibly going to a nude beach, diving on the coral reef, and visiting more art museums. ALL WITH ALLISON!!!!! which makes it all 10 times more exciting :)

We are planning on having a fantastic vegan Thanksgiving, which I am looking forward to with the utmost joy... yummmmmmy.

As of right now, it's about 25 days til my butt is back in the states, which is both awesome and sad. I am really looking forward to all the Australia stuff, so keep me in your thoughts that my plans go fairly smoothly. For now, I need to go vaccuum my room and have my 'last supper' at the dining hall :P Here is a picture to show how much I'm looking forward to the holidays. I love NZ candy :)

Mwah!!!! See y'all on the flip side...