Previously, this was a blog mostly to harass my poor friends and family with the details of my life. Don't worry-- that will continue. However, I'm also going to use this as a terrible forum for dialogue about green tips and eco-revolutions. Hopefully it will be helpful and entertaining...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Journey of Sock Knitting

After much putting off and finally (a) finishing Dad's JETS scarf (b) starting and finishing Ty's blanket and (c) giving up on my steering wheel cover because I hate fuzzy ass yarn, I shall begin to learn the art of sock knitting! I used my Christmas Craft money to buy "Knit Socks!", the exclamation mark leading me to feel optimistic. And today I ordered the double pointed needles (aaah) and the yarn Marlie picked out. So they should arrive soon, along with the "Clap Your Hands Say Yeah" album. Hours of indie music and sock knitting shall soon be upon me. I'm starting with the easiest pattern, the "simple stockinette" sock. So hopefully that won't trip me up and Pluto will be happy and the socks won't fall apart immediately.