Previously, this was a blog mostly to harass my poor friends and family with the details of my life. Don't worry-- that will continue. However, I'm also going to use this as a terrible forum for dialogue about green tips and eco-revolutions. Hopefully it will be helpful and entertaining...

Friday, March 03, 2006


I've been officially accepted to Massey U at Palmerston-North! As of today, I have just four months til I get on a plane and fly away. I'm picking out my classes and it looks like I'll be taking:
- Japanese cinema
- Physical Geology
- Soils!
- Sustainable Energy Systems (best class EVER)

I think it's a really good mix. I'm getting worried about actually going, though. I'm worried that I'll only hang out with Americans or I won't meet anyone I like. I'm really nervous about missing my family and my friends and my Viki and my Tyler. It seems like now that I've finally found good people, I have to leave. But it's nice knowing that the people in my life right now are wonderful enough that they'll be waiting for me (or at least thinking of me while they're in Thailand) until I get back. And it's not that long. I'm trying to stay focused on the "WOW NEW ZEALAND!!!" aspects of the trip, but the reality of the scariness involved is also starting to show up. I still can't friggin' WAIT til I go though, so I guess it'll be okay :)