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Monday, February 20, 2006

Things that I Would Like to do In New Zealand:

(to be added to)

-Try Surfing
-Go to at least one yarn shop
-Try to go to a sheep farm (for yarn)
-Visit Australia
-Go to Auckland
-Go to the awesome DIY shop in Auckland
-Not forget to blog and email
-Visit the set of LOTR and/or Narnia
-Get a tan
-Swim in the Ocean
-Go to the South Island
-Go to or start a yarncraft circle / stitch'n'bitch
-See a sheep sheared
-See yarn spun
-Take LOTS of pictures
-Go to an All Blacks match
-Go to another rugby match
-Learn to understand rugby
-Go a restaurant and order a strange mixed alcoholic beverage
-Go Bungee Jumping
-Swim with Wild Dolphins
-Visit the South Island

... any suggestions???


honmai said...

you should go to one of those weird cook out thingies where they dig a big hole fill it with hot coles and meat and cover it up and then leave it in all day and dig it up and tuck in. so much culture! (oh, and see if they actually say hurray instead of goodbye)- your lovely darling beautiful clever and charming (oh, and modest) sister, nondi

Old physics teacher said...

I saw a video on wild dolphins and they said they are like wild squirrels. They seem so cute and friendly, but then they will bite you because, well, they are wild. Be careful Kayleigh:)

Lovely Kayleigh said...

the wild dolphin swim will be okay because i'm doing it with a tour group and they will keep us really safe! so don't worry about it! plus i will not be stupid and stick my hands out to touch them and whatnot... and nondi, i went to that! it's called a hangi and he even told us all about making it. they didn't say hurray instead of goodbye as far as i could tell, but the food was awesome!!!