Previously, this was a blog mostly to harass my poor friends and family with the details of my life. Don't worry-- that will continue. However, I'm also going to use this as a terrible forum for dialogue about green tips and eco-revolutions. Hopefully it will be helpful and entertaining...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hey all,
I forgot to mention-- I'm famous! Over at CraftLit, one of my FAVORITE podcasts that has both crafting AND literature (eeeeee!!!), we're reading Persuasion by Jane Austen. When Matt and I went to England last summer, we visited the Cobb (if you don't know why that's neat, why not join us at CraftLit and listen to Persuasion???) I took a bunch of pictures AND a picture of me pretending to be Louisa Musgrove (spoilers!), and I sent them to Heather, my hero and host of CraftLit. AND SHE PUT THEM ON THE WEBSITE. AND SHE TALKS ABOUT ME. I just need to be interviewed by Matt Lauer, and my fame will be complete. Check out the episode: and dooooo listen to CraftLit! It's really amazing, mostly thanks to Heather!

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