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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Heat pad!

Heat pad, y'all, heat pad. Normally, I bet you're all like, "oh let me go to the store and buy a pad filled with chemical death and wrapped in plastic to soothe my aching muscles". That is silly, my friends. Here is a cheaper, more ecological, less carcinogenic option: MAKE IT YOURSELF! And here's how:
  • Get an old sock. I used one of Matt's that he gave me months ago, because he was sick of it for some reason. After I convinced him of this and that I was, in fact, not stealing socks that he loves, I was ready to begin!
  • There weren't any holes in it, which is key-- otherwise you have to do some sewing, and I was very lazy.
  • Fill said sock with rice! I put in less than 2 cups-- it's really up to you and how big you want the heating pad to be.
  • Then, to be extra super lazy, I just tied the end of the sock in a knot.
  • Ta da! Done! To use it, just stick that baby in the microwave for around 20 seconds, and you've got a heating pad!
  • For other options and pretty pictures, check out this awesome instructable!
It worked great for me when I had a really bad neck cramp due to the (teensy) bit of stress I'm under right now...

Try it out! Let me know how it works! Or tell me other options you use!

OH, and our adorable cat, Annabel, enjoyed dragging it around the house. So apparently it makes an Annabel-approved cat toy. For a similarly adorable dog toy using old socks, check out this fantastic idea!

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Julia said...

My mom has sworn by heat pads like that for years! They are just a little piece of fabric sewn together and filled with rice and nice smelling spices, like lavender and cinnamon. We always called it her "warmie."