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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Drinkin' in Palmy

Furthermore, you are probably asking yourself, Kayleigh you have been at Massey for a week now, what exactly have you been doing all that time?

Well, I will tell you dear friends! I have been mostly getting to know the other international students, the campus, and the city of Palmy. We have had three days of orienation which has been helpful if a bit repetitive... We have also gotten to meet some locals down at the bars and the restaurants. All of the serving sizes are so small here and the food tends to be almost Asian in its desire to mix tastes that Americans just aren't used to. So we've been working on trying out inexpensive food so that if we don't like it, it's not a big deal. There are NO Mexican places here (like most of NZ) and only a few pizza places. TONS of Chinese, Thai, and Middle Eastern places though. We also found the best bars to just go and relax in. I've been drinking some beer and cider and just enjoying the friendly atmosphere. My favorite place is the Celtic Inn, which has awesome live bands...

We have also enjoyed a smaller bar called the Stunned Mullet. The first nigh
t we went in, we stopped to take a picture with the sign and almost got cussed out by the bartender, because people *probably Americans* kept taking pictures of the sign and not coming in. But all was well, because inside we met some locals who invited us to see a local Rugby game. Which we did, and it was awesome. However, I didn't take any pictures because it was FREEZING. Unfortunately the team we were cheering for did not win (interesting tidbit here: the word "rout" like "routing for"-- however you spell it-- actually is slang for having sex... but i think i accidentally used it anyways...)

These are some of the people I've been eating and drinking with...

Becca, Bri, and me at THE FITZ

And just for Cowboy, here is just me at the Fitz

This is Bri and I wit
h yummy cider at the Celtic:

and Becca:

and Rob, who is from the UK. Cheeky monkey.

So that is all that is going on down here on the other side of the world... Tomorrow classes start so my night life will seriously decrease, but my boredom will subside a bit. And I will leave you with this...



marlie said...

=D guess who found your bloggggggggg! that would be me. i was like, looking at your other two blogs and i was all, wtf? no kiwi? and then i saw it.
and now i'm insanely jealous, gawsh. you sound like your having fun and are enjoying the beer. just don't get too snookered up... =]
miss you! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

KAYLEIGH!! I just figured out how to use Facebook and realised you're in fucking New Zealand and I am very jealous. I can't see your photos on dialup though. Is your uni on the NI or SI? I think everyone I know is in New Zealand right now, I swear. You should go see Rotorua and Ruapehu so I can live vicariously through you... and the Alana Estate in Martinborough is supposed to have really good Pinot Noir. Kisses, Judith