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Thursday, October 05, 2006

School Time!

Well if anyone out there is still reading this blog or even thinking of me anymore, they may be wondering, "Hey, what the hell HAPPENED to Kayleigh anyways? It's been like 3 to 4 weeks I've been sitting here, just waiting for an update to her blog!" Well, friends, I am sorry for the delay. However, this entry will probably do NOTHING to quench your desire for Kiwi-type adventures...

You see, they have this really weird idea about study abroad: you're actually expected to "study" now and again. I know, I know. I, too, was amazed. But that is what I've been up the past few weeks. Doing school projects, going to the gym, and generally having a normal routine in New Zealand.

This is Paul, a kiwi who is in my Soils Lab.

See how interesting it is here! LOOK AT THE PRETTY COLOR OF OUR SOIL SOLUTE THINGY!!!

One weekend I did get to go up to Mt. Ruapehu with MUAC, but I discovered pretty quickly that I HATE snowboarding and I should probably never attempt it. Ever. Furthermore, I may have to pay for my board. Which broke because of a flaw that it had when I got it, but they will not believe me and are convinced that I dropped it off a car or beat it against the side of a wall or something. Oh well.

Last night I went bowling. And discovered I am also quite bad at that! ESPECIALLY WHEN NO ONE WILL PLAY WITH BUMPERS!!! Luckily, I enjoyed it a lot more because I got to where awesome shoes and dance around.

To amuse you, here are some quotes from my classes that humored me:

My geography teacher, in response to a diagram explaining alluvial processes with a tractor:
"now this tractor is supposed to show... ok, ignore the tractor..."

My soils prof, discussing the importance of soil surveys:
"The couple didn't get soil surveys of their land done, and they went bankrupt. And their marriage failed... So always use soil surveys correctly."

My soils prof again on the "rather stupid" location of palmerston north in a flood plain:
"one day palmerston north WILL flood. and people WILL die."

I love school here! Everyone is so absurd! So, that is my absolutely boring blog entry! But do not worry because in two days I am going up to the Northern beaches and I will provide many pictures! Then I'll be back in Palmy for about 2 weeks for finals, then AUSTRALIA! And then home :)

I miss everybody and can't wait to be back! GO JETS!


Alison said...

at first, i thought you were wearing a helmet in those bowling pictures, and surely THAT's why no one would play with you...

Anonymous said...

I decided to look at your blog and I am somewhat amused by this because A) I really really want to go to Ruapehu one day to ski (I love love love skiing almost as much as I love love love surfing so yay New Zealand!) and B) I had a study abroad bowling experience too, but in mine I got kind of drunk at the bowling alley and accidentally rolled the ball *backwards* into my flatmates' shins. Oops! Glad you're still having a good time in Zid, and I hope I'll get to see you before I move to the West Coast in December!! -Judith